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GeorgianEnameled Mourning Ringwith Concealed Locket

This unassuming gold and blue enamel ring is a mourning ring dating to the Regency period. Engraved inside are the following details: "J. D. died 24th May 1825 Aged 84." The interior golds a hinged locket which once would have held plaited hair of the deceased but is now empty. This style of concealed locket mourning ring is quite unusual and very very special.


  • Materials

    18k yellow gold, blue enamel

  • Age

    Engraved for 1825

  • Condition

    Very good - appears to have had the enamel either redone or restored; locket is empty but originally it would have held plaited hair

  • Size

    6, cannot be resized; 5.4mm hoop

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