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Medieval"Maria Gratia"Talismanic Ring

The Black Plague reached its apex in the middle of the 14th century, but frequently recurred throughout Europe until the late 17th century. Because medical science of the time could not explain the cause of the disease, or reconcile the massive loss of life—speculated to be at least 75 million and as many as 200 million deaths worldwide—many believed that only the wrath of God could explain the widespread devastation wreaked by the plague. This 14th century silver amuletic ring is inscribed with the words "Aev Maria Gratia Pe" (a shortening of "Ave Maria, gratia plena" or "Hail Mary, full of grace") in Lombardic lettering, an appeal to the Virgin Mother for protection in the wake of the horrific disease. This outstanding talismanic ring is a US 8 and cannot be resized.


  • Materials

    Silver alloyed with base metals (not sterling)

  • Age

    c. 14th century

  • Condition


  • Size

    US 8, cannot be resized; 3.3mm width

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