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Mid VictorianSilver Dove Necklace with Garnet Eyesand Turquoise Forget Me Not

Determining whether a piece of Victorian hair jewelry was intended as a sentimental love token or a mourning tribute can sometimes be tricky. In the Victorian era, locks of hair and elaborate hairwork pieces were often given and treasured as keepsakes in the same spirit that we might have carried a photo of a loved one in our wallet ten years ago, or now use as the image on our smart phone lock screen today. This exquisitely rendered bird in flight with garnet eyes and a turquoise studded forget me not in its beak also holds a hair locket on the back side. A bird holding greenery in its beak naturally evokes the dove of peace, but this motif was also employed as a symbol of homecoming (in a time of travel by sea) as the sighting of one of birds meant that land was near. Formerly a brooch, we have removed the pin and added a 24" sterling silver chain.


  • Materials

    Sterling silver, garnet cabochons, turquoise cabochons

  • Age

    c. 1850

  • Condition

    Excellent - converted from a brooch into a necklace, head of the flower spins but is securely attached

  • Size

    1.5" x 2" at the widest point, 24" chain

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