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Napoleon Loyalist “Ne M'Oubliez Paz” Swivel Ring


After losing power and being banished first to Elba and then to St Helena, Bonaparte maintained a loyal following but they had to keep their loyalty a secret. Tribute rings like this were constructed so the wearer could show their political allegiance privately. The portrait of Napoleon would be worn hidden, against the skin, ready to be flipped around and worn outwards when the wearer was safely in the company of other Loyalists. Napoleon wears the uniform of the Chasseurs à Cheval. The Chasseurs were a cavalry regiment known for its illustrious combat history (and lavish uniform). On his head is the symbol of his rank: the bicorne, an 18th century hat worn by generals and officers of European and American army and naval officers. Usually the sweeter word “souvenir” adorns French forget-me-not rings, but this is no ordinary forget-me-not ring. “Ne M'Oubliez Paz” is more of an aggressive direct command, meaning DO NOT FORGET ME. Napoleon commands it! 


  • Materials

    14k gold (tests), carnelian, glass, portrait miniature

  • Age

    c. 1820

  • Condition

    Very good - visible mark from a previous resizing but otherwise pretty much perfect

  • Size

    7, resizing not recommended; 11.7mm head, 1.6mm shank

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