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Shark ToothNecklace

Victorian naturalists sought to categorize the flora and fauna of the world. Their obsessive organizing of seeds and specimens in the 19th century led to lots of discoveries (like evolution) and inspired many gorgeous jewels. Hummingbird feathers, gem-studded rodent jaws, and all types of flying, crawling, and biting creatures were made into wearable objects. This shark tooth necklace is a homage to their work. Our fossil dealer can't guarantee that every specimen is identical, so we have to measure, cut, fold and polish the 14k gold mountings one by one to match each tooth's curves. It's kind of like we're shark orthodontists over here.


  • Materials

    Fossilized shark tooth (origin: Florida), 14k gold.

  • Age

    Shark tooth is millions of years old, but the rest of the necklace is contemporary; handmade in Portland, Oregon.

  • Size

    Chain is 18" long. Each fossilized fang varies slightly in size, shape and color; expect yours to have its own million-year-old quirks. On average they measure 3/4" x 3/4".

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Fossilized shark teeth: celestial?

Image: Detail from "Leonid Meteor Storm, as seen over North America on the night of November 12-13, 1833" from E. Weiß’s 'Bilderatlas der Sternenwelt' (1888)