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Rose Cut stuart crystalRibbon Slide with Crowned Skull and Cherubs

In the late 17th century, a ribbon slide such as this one would have been worn as a bracelet or in the hair. The existence of memento mori and mourning jewelry predate this c. 1690 slide, but tribute jewels such this as mark the beginning of the business of mourning jewelry and the rise in popularity of elaborate hair work. This piece follows in the tradition of Stuart crystal, which was originally worn by loyalists to the Stuart monarchy after the the execution of King Charles in 1649. Made toward the end of the 17th century, it was created in memory of a man (or woman) not the king. The slide features a background of simply woven hair, two cherubs jointly holding a crown above a skull (which symbolizes a connection to royalty), and a gold cipher reading "IF".


  • Materials

    9k gold, rose cut rock crystal, hair

  • Age

    c. 1690

  • Condition


  • Size

    1.7cm x 1.5cm

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