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from the archive
StuartCrystal Mourning Ringwith Cherubs

Stuart crystal takes it's name from the rock crystal jewelry worn by loyalists to the Stuart monarchy following the 1649 execution of King Charles I. Early Stuart crystal jewels typically feature a miniature of the King, or his cipher, under faceted rock crystal. These mourning pieces were worn discreetly (if not outright secretly) by supporters of the crown in the tumultuous years after his death. Later in the 17th century, Stuart crystal was made and worn for more personal (and less political) reasons, including in memory of lost loved ones. This rare c. 1700 Stuart crystal ring features a scene of two enameled cherubs dressed in colorful robes, a similar theme used in the mourning ring for James II at the V&A Museum in London. The decoration is in fair condition, originally the angels would have held a wreath, crown, or skull between them with a cipher at the center. The pink foil that characterizes later Stuart crystal jewelry is faintly visible along the inner edges. The shoulders are set with brilliant cut rock crystal in silver, and the mounting is fashioned in 15k yellow gold with a flat hoop and fluted details at the back of the head.


  • Materials

    15k yellow gold, silver, rock crystal, enamel

  • Age

    c. 1700

  • Condition

    Good to Fair - the body of the ring is excellent condition, the pink foil backing is visible only along the outer edges, cipher, and angels have eroded

  • Size

    US 8.25, sizing is possible but not recommended due to the great age of this piece; 7.9mm x 7mm head, 2.1mm hoop

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