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VictorianGold and EnamelPassion Flower Locket


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In the Victorian era, flowers were employed as a secret language used to express hidden sentiments. In an age when open self-expression was a big cultural no-no, learning the sentiment assigned to each flower was a way to communicate in floral code. Feelings that could not be expressed publicly (or even verbally!) could be expressed through the language of flowers. This exquisite Victorian locket features beautifully enameled passion flowers over a textured ground. Don't be misled, though "passion" is in the name, the flower used to convey passion is actually the tulip. The passion flower is an expression of mourning the loss of a loved one. Given its use vibrant color, this incognito memorial locket would have been worn at a late stage of mourning. Hangs from a new 18" 14k gold chain.


  • Materials

    14k gold (tests), enamel, new 14k gold chain

  • Age

    c. 1860

  • Condition

    Very good - a little enamel loss at the upper stems and the whites of the stamens; glass lenses and fittings are present

  • Size

    1 5/8" length including the bale, 1" width, 18" chain

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