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VictorianEmerald and GarnetSnake Necklace

Over the past several millennia, the snake has been used to represent many things: both good and evil, fertility, passion, and rebirth. The Victorians employed the image of the snake as a symbol of everlasting love. Serpentine jewelry was at the height of it's popularity from about 1840 until the late 1860's. This stunning piece dates to that time - around 1860 - and illustrates the concept of eternal love beautifully, as he's holding a heart in his mouth. The necklace is 18k yellow gold with a 14.5" hand-forged chain which graduates up in size from the tip of the tail to the head of the snake. The repoussé head functions as the clasp and is chased with a beautiful swirling pattern. The snake's eyes are studded with almandine garnet cabochons, and the length of it's neck is set with table cut emeralds measuring approximately .05ct, .16ct, and .17ct. The heart-shaped locket is set with a single .04ct emerald.