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VictorianTurquoise and GarnetParrot Charm Necklace

Fun facts about parrots: the Kama Sutra lists teaching a parrot to speak as one of the 63 things a man should master; in Pliny the Elder's writings he advises owners to hit the birds on the head to motivate them to speak (please don't do this); some varieties of parrot can live to be octogenarians! The first recorded pet parrot in the British Isles belonged to Henry VII (an African Grey), but modern parrot-keeping in Britain didn't really kick off until the 1800s. This unusual Victorian parrot is modeled in silver with pavé turquoise in lieu of feathers and red garnet eyes. The exotic fowl perches on a gold perch and hands from a new 18" 14k gold chain.


  • Materials

    9k, silver, turquoise and garnet cabochons, new 14k gold chain

  • Age

    c. 1880

  • Condition

    Very good

  • Size

    1" length including the bale, 18" chain

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